5 Laravel & Axios Project using Vanilla Js and jQuery

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Axios is a promised-based HTTP client for JavaScript. It has the ability to make HTTP requests from the browser and handle the transformation of request and response data. In this course, you are going to learn how to use Axios in your Laravel applications with a couple of projects. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Laravel CRUD with AXIOS
  • Auto Complete search
  • User existing check
  • Axios
  • Multiple File/Image Upload
  • Multi Dependency Select Option 


  • Basic Laravel
  • Basic JavaScript(ES6)
  • Basic jQuery

Here is exactly what we cover in this course

JavaScript is a must-needed language for a web application.  In this era, we don't proceed without JavaScript. For this reason. I have created this course for you. For all projects, I will use vanilla javascript so that you can apply those concepts to any other frontend framework like Vue or React. 

Course Curriculum

  • Course Overview
    • 1 -> Course Overview

      Lesson Preview

      2.28 mins
  • Complete CRUD
    • 1 -> CRUD project setup 17.30 mins
    • 2 -> Fetching data using Axios 16.35 mins
    • 3 -> Showing single data 12.07 mins
    • 4 -> Store data using Axios 23.52 mins
    • 5 -> Delete data using Axios 8.32 mins
  • Projects
    • 1 -> Autocomplete search 29.04 mins
    • 2 -> Check existing user 17.14 mins
    • 3 -> Multiple file/image upload 17.56 mins

Course Faq

Your Teacher

Anisur Rahman

Software Developer 2+ Years Experience

I'm Anisur Rahman Shahin. I'm a tech enthusiast guy. Personally, I’m an Optimistic and always in hurry kinda person. I'm a freelance web developer. I study CSE at South-East university. I've been working on Laravel for 2 years. 

I started my career as a Laravel developer. After one year of consistently working in this field, it helped me a lot in gaining vast knowledge about business, marketing, and user experience too.

I've tried a few more things to understand customer satisfaction, Business engagement & marketing including E-commerce business, Portfolio, Blogging, Youtube and etc. I've been teaching programming on youtube since 2020.

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