Uploading Large Video Files By Chunking on Laravel 10

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We all want to upload a large file with a progress bar and with chunking. In this tiny course, you will learn, how to upload a large video file into a local server in Laravel 10 by dividing the video files into smaller parts.

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Mahedi Hasan

Software Engineer 5+ Years Experience

Hi, I'm Mahedi Hasan! I love helping students learn to code and master software development. I've been teaching online for over 2 years, and I founded CodeCheef to bring software development to everyone—my objective is for you to truly understand everything that goes on behind the scenes.

Coding is extremely rewarding. As you learn, things start to click and make sense. You can join the dots of all the things that weren't quite clear before. I'm here to make that journey quick and painless!

I can help you with PHP and JavaScript issues, particularly in web and backend development. I'm experienced with programming libraries and frameworks like Laravel, React, Vue Js, and Svelte. I've worked extensively with UNIX systems, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL, and advanced system architecture design.

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