How can we help?

General Questions

  • Who we are?

    We are couple of experienced software engineer from Bangladesh.

  • Are any of the videos free?

    Of course! Truthfully, I'd love for all of the content to be free; however, the time investment (and infrastructure cost) is considerable. A small monthly fee allows me to dedicate as much energy as possible into providing the best PHP and Laravel content on the web.

  • Is Ceptruck difficult to use?

    We’ve made Ceptruck as intuitive as possible so anyone can use it.

  • How often is ceptruck updated?

    Typically, every single work day! Try to check the site at least once each work-day to find new content.

  • I love Ceptruck! How can I help?

    Thanks! Ceptruck is a different kind of site. Most companies spend thousands on marketing to tell the world about their products. Ceptruck spends zero; we rely entirely on word of mouth. If you enjoy the site, please tell your friends. Send an email, or tweet out a link to the site. I promise it helps!

  • Will ceptruck provide real human support and assistance?

    Yes. We have a team of experts dedicated to supporting users across the Bangladesh.